Welcome to Ekne


One hour north of Trondheim, 30 minutes from Værnes airport and only a small detour from the E6 you will find the small village Ekne (750 inhabitants). Ekne is located along the Trondheimsfjord surrounded by beautiful nature and filled with history, experiences and a committed local population

Here are the experiences waiting for you. An extremely charming marina adapted for guests, with an open kiosk in the summer. Falstadsenteret with its strong history and memorial from World War II. One of Norway's largest climbing fields is located in the popular hiking area Purkvika by the sea. At Treetop Ekne you can sleep between the trees in a floating tent and in small cabins on stilts in the forest, as well as borrow fishing equipment, rowing boat, SUP and kayak.

What can one do on ekne

In the center you will find a shop with a cafe that you are welcome to stop by before you, for example, go and test one of the many adapted hiking trails to beautiful hiking destinations.

The village also has a varied business life in construction, transport, catering and trade. At the local shop you will find several short-distance products from artists in the village 

If you see the village and the surrounding areas in bird's eye view, take the trip to the lookout tower (12 meters high) at the top of Våttåberget (248 masl). 

Accommodation options in ekne

At Ekne, there are several accommodation options to choose from. Here you will find everything from accommodation on historical grounds to tent accommodation floating above the ground and accommodation in an idyllic location near the Trondheim Fjord.